Esotropia & My Daughter 👀

Esotropia is a form of strabismus in which one or both eyes turns inward. The condition can be constantly present, or occur intermittently, and can give the affected individual a “cross-eyed” appearance. It is the opposite of Exotropia.


wanted to start off by giving you the gist of what esotropia is.

this whole journey takes place within the course of a year. it escalated kind of quickly to me. Around May/June of 2016 i noticed that Madison’s left eye would (sometimes) go inward when she was eating or bringing things close to her face. So i made her a doctors appointment with her regular physician & he confirmed what i saw. Her pediatrician is the first person to introduce me to the term esotropia. so as you well know i went home and did my own research as i awaited the appointment call from the ophthalmologist we were referred to.

this pic is to show how her eye was before..

we were referred to a medical branch in Galveston, Tx which began a series of road trips to figure out a solution.

in September he recommended glasses… 👓

he said that she was also far-sighted.

& by the end of September we officially had glasses !

he gave her a few months to have a test run in her new glasses & then we were back for another appointment…

& it was at that appointment that he said that her eyesight had gotten better (progress!) but her eyes was still turning inwards & now more often….upon leaving this appointment the recommended treatment was for her to wear an eye patch on her “good” eye for at least an hr a day until our next appointment.

the next few appointments went really quickly because we saw that the patch wasn’t helping…after this appointment is when we scheduled a surgery date. We knew there would be one more appointment before the big day but surgery was inevitable …

her surgery was scheduled for May 31, 2017  & he would be doing surgery on the muscles in BOTH of her eyes.

we arrived on time an ready…anxious but ready. she was a real big girl that day my heart swelled with pride.

the surgery didn’t last long at all and she was still asleep when i went into recovery to sit with her.

we just had to wait until she woke up and they were sure the anesthesia wore off and then we were good to go home.

i felt so helpless because i knew i could not soothe her itchiness or any of her pain but she was a REAL trooper! upon leaving the doctor prescribed her some ointment and pain meds. he said that her eyes would be swollen and red for at least 3 weeks (until the stitches dissolved.)

her post op appointment was scheduled for the following Thursday, but before her appointment i could already tell a difference…still slightly red but her eye was straight !

post op appointment went with no problems he even said that she wouldn’t have to wear her glasses anymore ! i was really surprised about that part. He did schedule her to come back in three months to check on her progress but that was to be expected. i am so happy ! ☺️

& this photo is one month post op!

look at my baby girl 😍✨

i just wanted to do a quick blog about this experience, i know it may seem weird but my first born had her first surgery 😩 how could i not !

baby girl gets to start school this year with good vision & no glasses.!📚

We are truly blessed beyond measures🙌🏾

Until Next Time Queens 👋🏾✨


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