wash day routine breakdown…💆🏾

(quick recap) : using Aussie Mega Moist Shampoo Conditioner & 3MinuteMiracle
first rinse. before shampoo.

i like to rinse my hair thoroughly with warm water, massage my scalp & do light finger detangling before i began shampooing my hair.

apply shampoo. get a good lather.
rinse again…& repeat to your desire.

(it hadnt been that long since my last wash so i only did it one time)

apply conditioner & detangle.

okay now i want to take some time out to RAVE about the shampoo brush that i mentioned in my previous post


at first i was a little skeptical because of how thick my hair is compared to how little this thing is but it works GREAT !! i definitely would give it five stars in a rating. it detangled my hair with ease from tip to root & made the rest of my routine more managble !

check out that smoothness! lol

so, i twisted my hair and let the deep conditioner sit in for 3Minutes ( it might have been a little more…guilty!)

i rinsed the conditioner out with cool water

(it was too cold outside to do it cold like i should have)

it was my first time using all of these products but not only that it was my first time doing a braid-out on my hair {i usually do a twist-out or flat twists)

[braiding is kind of iffy to me on my own hair (idk why) but one of my goals this year is to learn how to braid, maybe i’ll share that journey with you as well..]

i havent taken the braids down yet, i like to let them set for a few days. (i let them air dry)

& in case you wondered about any hair loss during the whole process…



i didnt think it was too bad..

well thats all for today i just wanted to do a quick update to let you know how wash day went.

(P.S. the homemade mexican pizzas were a hit!! i forgot to take pictures tho)

see you next time Queens 👋🏽


Peace. Love. & Coconut Oil.✨


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